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The Lew’s Team Star of Excellence
The Lew's Team Star of Excellence is awarded to products which have been reviewed and tested based on how well the product meets the criteria for each of the five points on the stare as shown above.

Each point receives a rating of 1 to 5.  Then, the scores of the 5 points are averaged to determine the final score assigned to The Lew's Team Star of Excellence for that product.

For example, a product is submitted for evaluation.  Let's say our example product is from a new company with no history in the industry, it would have a score of zero for the point of Heritage.  However, if one of the owners of the company and/or the designer has a rich history in the industry, it could receive a score as high as 5 for Heritage.  This would also hold true for the remaining 4 points of the star.  Say the points of our example were: Heritage 4; Innovation 5; Quality 4.5; Integrity (this is related to the company and it ownership) 5; and Service 5.

In this example, the scores would be added together (4+5+4.5+5+5=23.5) for a total of 23.5.  That number would then be divided by 5 (23.5/5=4.7) for a score of 4.7.  Lew's Team will not award The Lew's Team Star of Excellence to any product that scores less than 3,5. 

In our example, The Lew's Team Star of Excellence would look like this:

To submit a product for review click here and include the following information:

Your Name
Your Company Name
Daytime Phone Number
Email Address
And Provide The Following Descriptions
Heritage - Describe your company, who in the company qualifies for "Heritage" consideration.
Innovation - Describe why this product qualifies for "Innovation" consideration.
Quality - Briefly describe how the quality of the product exceeds similar product already on the market.
Integrity - Give references who can attest to your company's integrity.  These can be customers, venders, suppliers, etc.
Service - Please give a fairly detailed description of how your company handles most customer complaints and the process for returning items under warranty.  Also, state your standard warranty.

You will be contacted within 5 to 7 business days to make arrangements for testing your product and reviewing the information provided in the above email.